Patient Testimonials

The testmonials below are experiences shared to the Pain Center by former and current patients.


A patient’s comments after a Radio Frequency Ablation Procedure: 

“I was able to fly to Denver to visit my grandkids on Valentine’s Day just two weeks after the procedure,” says Phelps. “I’m walking at least a mile a day, lifting weights, and plan to go back to golfing this summer. It’s back to day-to-day normal activities for me.” She says the procedure took about an hour and there were no side effects.

“Everyone was so caring at the Center, following up with me regularly,” concludes Phelps. “They were upfront right from the start that my pain might not go away or it might return if or when the nerves grow back. I won’t hesitate to have RFA done again if necessary. It’s given me a new lease on life and the ability to spend quality time with my other children and all my grandchildren.”

A patient’s comments after Epidural Steriod Injections:

“ The treatment helped.  It got rid of the sharp pain between my spine and hip joint.  They make you feel like family at the SMCPM.  They’re very patient, but still professional.  They explain everything to you, and answer all your questions.  They are number one.”

Another patient’s comments:

“Life is more comfortable when you’re not aching with every step,” said Jesperson.  “The staff at the Center for Pain helped me get back to my life.  They were always honest with me, and now I think of them as family.” 

Before Jesperson was treated at the Center for Pain Medicine, there were days when she couldn’t get out of bed because she was in so much pain.  Today, Jesperson doesn’t let her pain keep her from doing the things she loves.  She’s back to working in her garden and no longer needs bed rest to keep her pain at bay. 

A patient’s comments after Epidural Steriod Injections:

Alvin Ogden and his wife were enjoying retirement, traveling and partaking in numerous hobbies. However, when Ogden’s back pain from arthritis and spinal stenosis became more severe, Ogden’s quality of life quickly plummeted.

“On a trip to Norway, we went to tour gardens and I had to sit on the bus because the pain was so bad,” said Ogden. “After that, we had to give up traveling. I had very little quality of life left.”

After meeting with a physician at the SMCPM, Ogden was given a series of epidurals in his back to treat his chronic pain.

“After the treatment the difference was night and day,” he said. “I went from being in constant pain and limited in activity to being totally unaware that anything was wrong.”

“The Center for Pain Medicine is just wonderful,” said Ogden. “The staff and the physicians really get to know you and are so helpful. They are very good about explaining your course of treatment and helping you understand what is happening. I learned that with pain, it is important to get help and not delay. There are too many beautiful things to do and see to be limited by pain.”


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