Referring Offices:  Scheduling Your Patient

The Pain Center accepts patient referrals from primary care physicians and specialists, and works with those physicians in a team effort. Every new patient will have a comprehensive history and physical exam performed. Other tools, such as pain scales, diagrams and skeletal models will be used to help you thoroughly understand the patient's pain. A comprehensive plan of care and a fully understandable explanation of our recommendations will be provided to the patient prior to treatment.


We maintain close contact with our referring doctors, keeping you fully informed of your patient’s condition and progress.

In order to most efficiently assist your patients –


• Face Sheet – demographics
• Copy of Insurance card (Front & Back)
• Most Recent Physician Notes
• Current Medication List
• Reports of any diagnostic studies (MRI, CT< Mylelogram, EMG, x-ray, etc.)

Please feel free to download our 'FAX RERFERRAL FORM' below for your convenience.


Fax Referral Form - Download Form


View the Insurance Carriers we work with - Download Form


It is our goal to make the scheduling of your patient as simple for you as possible:

• When we receive your patient’s information, we will contact them directly for scheduling. This is why it is very important for you to include your patient’s contact information.

• We also pre-cert their insurance for you.

• Once we get your patient scheduled, we will fax a form to you with the time and date they have been scheduled for.

• Our staff will follow up with you with a written report of your patient’s treatment.

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To schedule a worker's compensation case or for questions about our worker's compensation services please contact our Worker's Compensation Liaison - Angie Freeman by dialing (913) 676-2370 Option 8 or email her at 

Services tailored to meet the needs of the worker’s compensation specialist:

Excellent communication - We provide you with one point of contact, our Worker's Compensation Liaision, who can answer your questions and handle your requests in a timely manner. We are committed to engage with case manager and claims adjustors about treatment decisions and the management of return to work.

Prompt reporting -Our staff strives to make sure that our reports end up in the right hands in a prompt manner.

Minimally invasive procedures - We employ a timely approach with the use of minimally invasive procedures and conservative therapies to reduce pain and restore your patient’s function. We perform comprehensive spinal cord stimulator trials using a rational approach which requires several days. Spinal cord stimulators will only be recommended if the patient experiences an improvement in not only their level of pain but their level of activity.

Expertise of specialists - Our center offers minimally invasive pain management treatments provided by physicians who specialize in pain management and understand the unique needs of the worker’s compensation patient. We use a timely conservative approach intended to minimize the recovery time of your patient as well as the financial impact of their care.

Behavior Screening Option - We understand that involving a psychologist in your patient’s care is sometimes necessary. When you need an expert behavioral psychologist, it is nice to know one who understands the intricacies of worker’s compensation, chronic pain and symptom magnification.



Patient Testimonials...

Alvin Ogden and his wife were enjoying retirement, traveling and partaking in numerous hobbies. However, when Ogden’s back pain from arthritis and spinal stenosis became more severe, Ogden’s quality of life quickly plummeted.

“On a trip to Norway, we went to tour gardens and I had to sit on the bus because the pain was so bad,” said Ogden. “After that, we had to give up traveling. I had very little quality of life left.”

After meeting with a physician at the SMCPM, Ogden was given a series of epidurals in his back to treat his chronic pain.

“After the treatment the difference was night and day,” he said. “I went from being in constant pain and limited in activity to being totally unaware that anything was wrong.”

“The Center for Pain Medicine is just wonderful,” said Ogden. “The staff and the physicians really get to know you and are so helpful. They are very good about explaining your course of treatment and helping you understand what is happening. I learned that with pain, it is important to get help and not delay. There are too many beautiful things to do and see to be limited by pain.”

- Alvin Ogden, Olathe, KS

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