What are Your Options?

Document it. Keep a record of your pain and things that exacerbate symptoms. What types of things help you reduce or manage pain -maybe it’s a particular activity or food - maybe it’s an increase in your stress level. Writing it down can prevent you from making the same mistakes that bring on pain. It will also help us help you by providing us with a window to your pain.

Be honest with yourself. Pain is not a weakness. It can range from annoying to debilitating. You must acknowledge and accept your limitations. You must learn to perhaps, live with the pain and carry on.

Call your primary care doctor; he can refer you to our practice. We will work as a consultant with your physician or specialist to treat your pain from a team approach. We work with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan, whether you have suffered from pain for many years, or it is the result of a recent injury.

Pain is more than a passing nuisance - it is a real problem that plagues many of us. It can be physical or psychological in nature, chronic or occasional. But, one thing remains clear - pain is an indicator of some sort of problem. Though we will never rid the world of pain, you can be assured, you are not alone!


American Pain Foundation

American Chronic Pain Association

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